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In 2015 I decided to create my own website, even though all I had done my whole life was work as a fitness instructor.

I had three main reasons that made me decide to start building it:

  1. Some web designers gave me ridiculous deadlines for the website
  2. Some of them, didn’t even answer my emails
  3. The price for a simple website was also ridiculous

If you worked as a fitness instructor or know someone who did, ask them, the wages aren’t great… I didn’t have €2000 or €3000 to pay for a 5 pages website and that is how the story starts…

Fast forward to 2022, this is my full gig, this is my full-time business and I’m really proud to say that because I remember my first week crying, really disappointed, realising how hard this was going to be. But I had no option, I didn’t have the money to pay for a website and I wanted to start my own business.

Today, I’m really happy with my decision and persistence. I’m proud of the 2015 Alessandra. And because the fitness industry is cruel with age, I’m glad I fell in love with web design. It was an easy transition when my body couldn’t teach hours of classes a week, I did that transition very slowly, reducing classes and working in a office until this became my full-time job.

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